Character introdution


Hee family business is dye shop.
She grow surrounded by bule from childhood due to the infuluence of her family.
So she LOVEs bule even she become a high school student!


she is a easygoing girl.
She is loved by everyone.
But sometimes she speaks strange thing.


Inter national students from the USA.
She love Japanese culuture.
She likes it's history,and in reality she likes it's anime.


She is the smartest girl of this four girls.
She often explain the story of Aona to everyone in an easy-to-understand.すみねええええええ
She sometimes gets high tension.



She is always vague.
She is not good at studyinag.Her voice is so big.

The reasons why the web site was created.

We found that there were people in old times in the picture whose clothes painted in colors.
From the age people made just enough to get by, people required for clothes not only functionality but also to enjoy dressing-up, and dyed clothes in various colors.
We had a sense of intimacy.
At the same time, I was wondering how they were wearing colors in the past when there were no convenient paint or synthetic dyes like modern day, so I decided to look it up because I was interested.
I got a stronger interest in the blue color which has a strong relationship with Japan, such as indigo, the uniform of the Japanese national soccer team, the emblem of the Tokyo Olympic Games, especially the Japan 's first spreading in Japan.
While studying about Japan and blue, I was attracted by the beautiful color of "blue" that can not be expressed with its wonderful tradition and synthetic dyes, and I thought that I wanted to convey the deep world to more people through this website. This is the reason why the web site was created.